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Confidence and a sense of calm...

Fresh out of university and experiencing first hand, the expectation of a teacher,  compared to the realities of a teacher, was overwhelming at one stage. I was extremely thankful for Carolyn’s coaching sessions, as they were invaluable for me as Beginning Teacher. Anyone who knows Carolyn is drawn to her kind-hearted nature, genuine concern for others and ability to make you feel valued as a teacher. Her holistic approach to teaching allowed me to leave each session with a greater sense of clarity, confidence and a sense of calm. To this day, I continue to apply her philosophies to my everyday teaching practice.

Melanie Sadaraka
Classroom Teacher (Yr 5/6)

A happy and successful career in teaching ...

Carolyn's coaching has enabled me to grow from a young beginning teacher to an experienced syndicate leader. Her holistic approach was exactly what I needed to develop into the confident teacher I am today. She suggested useful techniques and used self awareness strategies that allowed me to develop management skills. I learnt to prioritise my own well being in order to be at my best. Teaching can be an extremely hard job it can consume you and suck out all your energy but coaching with Carolyn got me back on top of things. It is possible to have a happy and successful career in teaching.

Anna Casley
Syndicate Leader (Yr 3/4)

The sessions made me feel good about myself...

Before my coaching sessions I had recently returned from overseas travel and had just started teaching again. I found myself feeling lost and confused as to where I was heading or what I wanted to do with my life. I felt silly at the start of the coaching process, because I don't like talking about myself or my feelings, but as the sessions went on I found this confidence building up inside. I was able to see in front of me again. It really helped to hear back what I was saying too. The coaching sessions helped me to reflect and set realistic goals that I could achieve. The sessions made me feel good about myself. I now know the pathway I want my career heading in. Carolyn is an amazing person, who always makes you feel valued and comfortable.

Melissa Absolum
Classroom Teacher (Yr 5/6)

I have never looked back...

A few years ago I came to a crossroads in my life. I was stuck in a cycle of negative thinking, lack of motivation, tired and listless and sick of my own complaining. I had hit a brick wall, professionally, and personally. I wanted and needed a shift to take place but had no clear way forward. And then I had my sessions with Carolyn and I have never looked back. Not only are the strategies and techniques she introduces incredibly empowering, her genuine, direct, honest, explicit approach is exactly what a life coach embodies.

Petra McDermott
Classroom Teacher (Yr 1)

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​What is Teaching Success?

TEACHING SUCCESS is a place for teachers to recharge their batteries.

This website will be useful for you if...

  • you are glad you chose teaching as a career, but you sometimes get overwhelmed with the work load
  • you are an experienced teacher, but your motivation fades sometimes and you want to get it back again
  • you are a new teacher and you have heard about 'burnout' and want to avoid it
  • you are a school leader and you are trying to balance your leadership role with your teaching responsibilites

Hi, I'm Carolyn Aukafolau and I have had a career in education for nearly 30 years as a teacher, school leader and professional coach.

I know what a wonderful career teaching is, I also know how hard and challenging it can be as well. I am passionate about supporting teachers to be the best that they can be, by taking care of themselves so that they can be there 100% for their students.

I support teachers through online professional development, group and individual coaching. Please explore my website and I hope that you find something helpful.

Remember, a happy classroom starts with a happy teacher!

Teaching Success - helping teachers to feel good, get results and make a difference.